The arrival of spring

The Auckland Domain is beside Starship Hospital. It is a big expanse of grass and trees. We inevitably find ourselves walking around it whenever we can’t be with Albie. This morning he is in a sedated MRI scan to ascertain his brain damage, if any, from last week’s cardiac arrest. We’ve been moseying about aimlessly. The trees still looked barren, the leaves still missing. But then, I saw that spring is on his way.

“Here we are in spring. And the tussle is on. On one side, winter does not want to let go of its hold. On the other side, the warmth of summer wants to break in. And this is played out in the skies, the clouds, the lightning, the rainbows, the sun. And on the ground are delicate little plants. They’re fragile. Last fall, they gambled. “To survive the winter, we will need to shed our leaves.” And they did. The gamble was, “Summer will come again and, when it does, we will be able to put out our leaves and once again become whole.””Maharaji

Its the same with Albie. The winter snows are melting.


  1. What a way you have with words. Thank you for keeping us all informed so beautifully. I know I’m not the only one to have tears of sadness and of happiness every time I read your updates. xxx

  2. Ah bless, the Auckland Springtime. It’s very pretty up there in the spring and it gets warm too. I hope the scan gives you good news. Rain threatens to dampen Wellington spirits today. I wore a blushed face, glossed lips and smokey eyes to work in order to push the clouds away. It must be a good thing. Lots of love you guys. xox

  3. Sarah you blow me away with your amazing way with words, it is nothing short of magical, just like your little boy.. and Marcus too ( of course ) Love you guys. x

  4. Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.”
    – Sarah Ban Breathnach

    Thank you for the beautiful words and beautiful pictures. I love that the blossoms are there for Albie.

  5. What gorgeous words. Yes daffodils popping up everywhere here. I hope the scan only shows good things. Thinking of Albie and sending you all prayers and good wishes. In my thoughts every day xxx

  6. Thanks for the update Sarah, I know that situation well and how time seems to slow right down or even appear to stop during them .Glad you have the Domain to visit and help pass the time. Love and prayers Janice Mannex

  7. What a difference a week makes! Thinking of you guys all the time, so good to hear about the literal and metaphorical arrival of spring (even if it’s still cold as buggery down here in Wellington:)). All the best for the results and lots of love to you all xxx

  8. Great you have the Domain there to stroll through and to try and get some inner peace for yourselves. Yes spring is indeed upon us- the trees in our driveway have 40 tuis in them that dart about when you walk down the drive and their whistleing is magical. Daffodils are everywhere, as are calves.
    Thankyou so much Sarah for sharing your journey with us
    Love Adie n David Hopklins

  9. Is a spring day here in the Naki also :-). Thoughts with you often! The birds are very vocal today, they must be celebrating springs progress too!

    • Thinking of you all from across the seas. Shine on little Albie. You are a bright star with an amazing Mum and Dad xxx

    • Spring has hit the deep south as well-thanks for the update, hoping & praying that all goes well with Albie’s MRI. Thinking of you all lots xxxx

  10. Ae, he tika o whakaaro – ka hoki mai te mahana ki a Papatuanuku, a, ka hoki mai to tama ki te ao marama, ki tona whanau aroha e tatari ana! As the warmth returns to mother earth, so your son returns to the world of light and his loving family who wait to celebrate his return.

  11. Fingers crossed for you the results are good. Lovely to hear of your spring coming as our autumn awaits us bringing harvests and colour- it reminds me that it is one whole world turning turning things pass things change but we are all part of the cycles and there is beauty and wonder even when times are hard. Sending you all lots of love and wishes to Albie for strength in his recovery. xxxx thinking of you all xxx Kerris and family

  12. Ah, Auckland springtime… I know those views of the Domain, I used to walk through it after lectures to get to my car. Beautiful pics Sarah, and writing as ever.
    Shine through Albie! The clouds are ready to part.

  13. You have a way with words my Dear, praying for Albie and your family.
    Strength and peace for you all

  14. Love you. Love Spring. Beautiful pictures and thoughts. Great that you can still look up to the sky, see something more and share it with us. Thank you Sarah. Love and Blessings for you, Marcus and Albie, our heroes, from Gleni xxxxx

  15. The sun has come out this afternoon in Wellington and the tui are noisily chattering outside the window. I am thinking of you all, praying and sending big big love up to Starship. Arohanui, Emma

    • We just lit our ‘Albie candle’. Thinking of him – and you both – and sending our strength and love every night (and in the daytime too) xxx All our love Jo, Maddy and Harriet xxx Hoping the scan went well lovelies xxx

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