Ever forward Albiesaurus

Albie is charging ahead with his cardiovascular recovery. His heart function is good and he was successfully taken off the ventilator yesterday. He is such a fighter – all the surgeons, doctors and nurses are super impressed with his turn around. As he is no longer on any type of life support, we have been moved out of Intensive Care and into the Intensive Observation Area – one step down. What a victory. I am so proud to see him breathing on his own again. He is struggling a bit at the moment, part of his lung has collapsed and there is fluid building up around his heart and lungs, which they hope to get sorted over the next couple of days. But regardless of this, Albie is doing it. He is an incredible fighter and its AMAZING how far he has come since last Wednesday.

Albie hasn’t been wearing any clothes in Intensive Care – just a nappy and a gazillion tubes and wires. Each night when we returned to our room at Ronald McDonald House, I would try hard to not look at Albie’s wee suitcase in the corner packed full of his hospital clothes. A part of me was just frozen with fear that we would not get to use them. Anyway, today Marcus wheeled Albie’s wee suitcase up to the ward and I dressed Albie in a pair of pyjamas. It seems such a small thing, but for it, I was thankful.

The week asleep has left him a floppy doll, a giant newborn baby. He needs to learn to suck and swallow again as well as be able to hold his head himself and sit up – let alone crawl and stand – or his amazing language. What is due to the induced coma, and what might be due to anything else, only time will tell. The MRI scan we had yesterday did show a brain bleed – but what it will mean for Albie is yet to be found out.

I kind of imagined that once we got out of Intensive Care this would all be over, but in fact its just beginning.


  1. Great news. What an amazing boy. Keep going Albie. Love and prayers surround you.Sarah and Marcus keep up your tremendous support for your gladiator boy. All our love.Grandma and Grandad and all friends and family in the U.K. xxxxx

  2. He is extraordinary that boy! I hope each day gets better and better Sarah. Slow and steady wins the race. Much Love x

  3. Awesome news Sarah, all our love and prayers go out to you for the next steps. Could we get a photo now he is in pyjamas. Praise God he is successfully off life support . Don’t let thre brain bleed get you down have teacher aided lots of children who have had them and they have all achieved far far above what specialists told their parents they’d ever acheive. I think your spring came and went yesterday and your entering summer . Love fromJanice and Aunty Tui.

  4. Yay team Albie, Kia kaha little guy and the taller team members too! Great news, sounds like a huge step on your journey together.

  5. Kick-ass! (cue fist pump!). That’s great news Sara. I know it’s slow going and with uncertainty but his fight is so encouraging. As are your updates!

  6. Great news. As with all kids, each step forward is awesome to behold, but Albie’s steps are truly awe inspiring because we know he has to fight for it all the way. Suitably impressed by this little man and his wonderful folks. Kia Kaha Hopkinsons!

  7. Abolutely AWESOME news! Such a brave little soldier!! We are so happy that he is making a steady recovery! Stay strong guys. Sending all our love and hugs, and kisses to the most amazing little boy in the whole universe! xxxxx

  8. Been checking all day, so pleased to hear such good news about his heart and the pjs! We’re still praying for his healing and look forward to hearing more good news as his recovery progresses xx

  9. What a milestone! So glad to hear the news. Go Albie! Yes there is still a long way to go but don’t forget how far you have come. You are all amazing and he is such a lucky little boy to have you two on his team :0) Sending you lots of love as always xxxx Kerris and Family xxxx

  10. Go team Albie! This is brilliant news. To be out of ICU is a huge step, breathing on his own -brilliant considering he is such a wee dot. He’s a fighter allright. The pyjama moment must have been pretty special, a little bit of normality. Lots of love xxxxx

  11. Yay for Albie! Step by little baby-step…always onwards. He has his parent’s fortitude. 😉
    We are all right behind ya little man! And we are continuously sending love and energy to Team Hopkinson…xxxxx

    • Go Albie, Go!! You can do it. You’ve already achieved SO much, it’s incredible. You are all so strong. Keep it up Team Hoppy! We are all behind you and thinking of you all the time xxxx

  12. Yay, excellent, inch by inch but defo onward. Whenever I look at Albie’s expression in the blog header it’s as if he’s saying: “Have you been noticing what I can do? Good, because there’s more good stuff to come and I’m just getting warmed up…”

  13. Wish I could wrap you all in a snug blankie and give you a cuddle so you could rest a little and recharge for the next stretch.
    Fantastic to hear he is making such good progress…I hope you picked the pjs we got him…I picked the brightest, loudest pair I could find…thought it was sooo Albie!!

  14. Well done Albie! You are certainly fighting the good fight. So proud of you! Also, I just have to say to your mummy and daddy, you’re amazing people and our thoughts are with you. Life throws us challenges….but only ones we can handle. Take care. The Anderson’s, Paraparaumu xxx

  15. Great news Albie thinking of you often. Sarah and Marcus if you need anything we are just down the road do please let us know x x lots of love and light x x Keight Morgan and Ella x x

  16. Go Albie ! One small step forward each day. Thinking of you. Sending love and hugs and all the very best of everything else to you and your familyxx

  17. Well done Albie, you clever darling! and yay mumma you can cuddle! Thinking of you all the time and praying for strength for the journey ahead. All our love xx

  18. Go albie go! slow and steady wins that race! just like the turtle and the hair. Love you all very much precious people. gemx

  19. This is such good news. Keep it up all of you. You are all doing so well. Lots of love and caring from me and everyone at school. Sally

  20. Each little step must feel like big giant leaps. Well done Albie. Bet it feels great to be dressed in your jammies again by your Mama. xxx

  21. Thank you Sarah, Yes every day a new day with all its promise. You are all truly remarkable people. I love the thought of you dressing Albie in his PJs making him snug and comfy. Hope you all sleep well tonight and continue to inspire each other tomorrow. What a team!
    Love, hugs and always prayers, Gleni xx

  22. Sarah and Marcus – thinking of you both. Have wee Albie on the prayer chain at my parents church and they are all keen for the updates. Just want you both to know that you are both amazing and Albie is one lucky boy to have parents like you by his side. You are both amazing and such an inspiration to all of us parents who think that a tantrum is a challenge as a parent! Prayers and thoughts are with you both and heres to the small steps in the process of recovery Albie! I don’t know you but have read all your blogs from day one on and you baby boy are a champion oxo Kirstyn Coull (SHGC)

  23. Hi Glad to hear all is looking up! Keep smiling – and see you when you are back home! Rachael, Rebekah & Josh x ps Awesome blog too!

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