Hospital Lospital Mospital

Albie’s just about kicked this hospital trip – with talk of him getting discharged tomorrow. Yes, indeed, tomorrow. I know. Ten days after being on life support and Albie is about to ditch this joint. ย He has bounced back way higher and harder than anyone thought he would – walking with assistance, starting to crawl a little – its all a go-go. Its a bit of a privilege to witness him actually and our hearts may yet burst with pride.

As his circulation is now normal and he wont require extra calories to grow, ย his nasal gastric tube was removed this morning. Its a bit emotional actually to see both of his beautiful sweet cheeks again after so long. He is our absolute hero.

We went outside for a walk with Albie today. It was glorious. In that moment, you would not have found two luckier parents in the world.


  1. OMG what a sight!! Hard to believe he has been through such lows and highs in such a short space of time aye. It is a true testament of how amazingly strong and resilient he is – he really did want to be here thats for sure! And also such testatment to what wonderful parents you guys are too. His journey is an incredible reminder that with love, strength and hope we really can conquer anything. You three are a total inspiration! I think I am going to erect a huge banner outside my house that says ‘Long live King Albitron!’, I love you guys SO MUCH and can’t wait to have you back in Welly soon. Safe travels, with leaps and bounds you move forward every day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I’m in tears again! The most beautiful photographs of a truly wonderful boy. I am surprised your blog hasn’t gone viral worldwide, Sarah – truly the most inspirational story I have ever read. And it is going to be such a comfort to other parents who are going through what you have been through. See you three at my place soon!

  3. Wow Albie you are my HERO!! Are you coming home to Welly? We will be ready to welcome you with open arms XXX

  4. Thank God – we can all cry now. This is the unbelievable best story ever.
    PS You are both still allowed to crumble some time.

  5. Excellent – welcome back Albie … we want you back in Wellington visiting St Pauls Square with Mummy!

  6. WOW, Sarah that’s amazing and I am so happy for you!! He is such a little cutie, I can’t blame you for bursting with pride!

  7. YAY! That is the best news ever. Looking at the pictures and reading the blog made my heart sing and eyes cry. Aneke and I were going to make a get well card to post but now we’ll be able to deliver it in person. Oh so exciting. Albie – you really are a star and Sarah and Marcus – you are an inspiration to us all. Kia kaha my lovely friends!!!!

  8. Oh that is such a beautiful sight! Love the pics…and love love love the update…that gorgeous boy of yours is a walking miracle!!! Such good news…praise God for such a speedy recovery!

  9. This is the just the best news in the world ever! I’m so happy for you guys. Its just awesome to see photos of Albie looking so bright. Whoop whoop!!!! Go Albie!

  10. Oh my he is just too gorgeous!!!! Over the moon with happiness for you all – and Albie you are such a dude!!!

  11. Wow what an amazing little man!!! Photos are just gorgeous! Today the tears are of joy – you are such an inspirational family. Hope to see you at Nicole’s or maybe next year at WOMAD. xx

  12. So excited to hear this news. Little Albie must know how loved he is and wanted to be here for sure. What an amazing little boy he is, and you guys are truly amazing too. We are very happy for you all, onwards and upwards now. Gorgeous photos thanks. Love Peta and Doug.

  13. Bless you, dear Albie, the best news ever! Wonderful! Well done you guys, words fall short here. Lots of love from Wellington, where the sun streams in this afternoon. x

  14. You go hard and go home Albie! You are a star! Nice work team! So happy to see you bounding forward so fast! Much love x x keight Morgan and Ella

  15. You guys must be so chuffed to watch your miraculous little guy.Wishing you many amazing funfilled times ahead.From all the Haags

  16. Wow that has made my heart feel so happy. Oh and Albie you look even more gorgeous without your tube. *does a little dance*

    • Albie’s smile is the most gorgeous, precious thing we have seen in a long time, no wonder you are bursting with pride, Albie is as fearless as his parents, go Albie.

  17. OH ALBIE!!! See your gorgeous cheeks!!! Both of them! And your eyes look just so bright and beautiful – watch out World here comes Albie – and something tells me we ain’t seen nothing yet!!! I can’t wait to enjoy watching you on the adventures ahead!!

  18. Albie is an absolute legend! Can’t begin to say how stoked I am for him and you fullas! I am sure Marcus’ sunny day yellow hoody has something to do with it. Asparugus popped up today too : ) Aaaahhhhhhh life is bliss

  19. Wow wow wow this is the most fabulous thing I have ever read – and he is truly the most amazing wee man ever!! I am so so happy for you all – he is so so gorgeous and such an inspiration! I am just so thrilled for you. Here’s to many many more glorious walks together!! xx

  20. Inspirational….that’s my word for today. Albie, you’re inspirational….I wish you all the very best little fella….and mum and dad. Life threw a challenge your way…and as always….you knocked it for a six. Well done. Much love. Jess Anderson, Paraparaumu x

  21. OMG! How wonderful! He is such a little treasure!!! Go, Albie, go! Sarah and Marcus, we cannot imagine how happy and overjoyed you must be! Soooooo over the moon to hear good news again!!! Lots and lots of love to you three. xxxxxx PS Albie has the most amazing collection of knitted clothes ever! Jealous! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxxxxx

  22. Great news. Cant stop smiling. Stopping and telling everyone about our great lionhearted grandson Albie. Go Albie go. We have all missed your beautiful smile and twinkling eyes.Lots of love Marcus and Sarah. Speak to you soon. Love from everyone in the U.K.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. That cheeky wee grin says it all really – you were just making us all wait in suspense weren’t you big guy! Thrilled you will be coming back to Wellie guys. Love Tracey Scott x

  24. Amazing! Awesome! Incredible! And so so happy for you guys. And us! Can’t wait to see you guys back in welly soon!

  25. Wow, that news makes the heart soar, you go Albie! Strange, how watching & praying for Albie on his mega journey, makes us all feel part of him. God bless the three of you. much love, x

  26. Wowsers, we are super chuffed! You have every right to pride-bursting hearts, but I do hope they stay intact. ๐Ÿ™‚
    He even has colour in his cute cheeks! Well done all of you!
    See you around HBR soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Wow wow, just loving these pics and his lovely lovely smile. I can’t get over how rosy he looks in that first pic, in every sense of the word. So so happy for you guys. Yea Albie!!!!

  28. Teary eyes and goosebumps. Go Albie!! This is such fantastic news, he is such a fighter. He just wants to get on with business!! He’s so tough, must be those Lancashire roots! So happy for you all, look forward to seeing all his future progress too. Nothing can stop the Albinator! Loads of love xxxx

  29. What a star!
    Awesome effort team. And beautiful pictures.
    You have our hearts melting, eyes watering, and smiles shining. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Much love. XxX

  30. So great to hear how well Albie is doing now. Brilliant stuff – what an amazing wee fella he is.

    Much Love to you all,

    Pete & Vic

  31. Yay Albie thats so exciting !!! Your a star sending lots of love to you all – thanks for sharing your amazing family with us all Sarah xxx

  32. Oh, oh, oh, that is the MOST fabulous news! And photos! You look super sparkly and bright eyed. Ahhhh, I am bursting with happiness for you all. Happy homecoming Hoppys xxx

  33. Beautiful beyond words. Albie looks incredible! We are so happy for you and wish the whole family continued healing. xx

  34. Just the best news and stunning photos of a healthy young boy ready to move forward in life. So relieved and pleased for you all. Thank you for sharing you journey.

  35. Who thought that being normal could be such a wonderful thing? They may be ‘normal’ photos but Albie is extraordinary and indeed worthy of all the stars on his jacket. I’m sure there are a few there for his extraordinary parents too. x

  36. What an amazing little fella you are Albie! Go on lad! We are just so pleased and relieved for all of you. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to follow all your ups and downs – its been heartbreaking and emotional but hugely inspirational. And we look forward to seeing the adventures continue. Love and hugs, Jules & Tony. X

  37. Most amazing news ever!! Sooooooooooooo happy!!! Well done Albie, you rock…you too Marcus and Sarah, you’ve both been inspirational and towers throughout this challenge (too horiffic a time to label really, that’s the best description I could come up with). Loss of love, Andrea and Paul

  38. Absolutely amazing. I can not believe how far he has come in such a short time, what an amazing little boy. And the photos are so absolutely gorgeous, that grin says it all. You guys are all amazing. Oh, what a lot of use of the word “amazing”! Lots of love, Anna

    • oh guys this is so so amazing. cant believe your heading home with a happy ending, its so fantastic wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxxxxxxxxx

  39. Wow Albie – I have been following your progress from the UK for a little while now but missed the last 14 days through being away and having no internet.
    I’m sat at my kitchen table in tears catching up – you and your parents are just incredible! I can’t believe the highs and lows you’ve been through but with this much love and your fantastically amazing parents I just know you’re going to go from strength to strength!
    Wishing you all the love and luck in the world little man!

  40. How fantastic to see that beautiful smile again :0) Laughing and crying here. So so happy for you all. What a little lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your story- don’t forget to keep us updated through all the good times to come. You and Albie have touched more hearts than the surgeon ;0) xxxx Feel all warm inside and beaming like a cheshire cat. Loads of love to you all xxx Kerris and allx

  41. Albie Albie Albiesaurus….you total champion!!!! we timed our visit TOO LATE little man. this is just the best news ever. Love you Hopkinson whanau!!! we will have to book a flight to Wellington to visit HUZZAH!! xxxx

  42. Oh my gosh, THAT’S what it was! I was looking at that beautiful first photo thinking just how big he looks after all this, and I still think he does, but I didn’t realize the ng tube was gone! Yay for that! (And knowing how to drop one again if you ever need to – but hopefully not!) Yes, a happy heart up this way, so glad he’s doing well. Continue to stay strong wee man!

  43. Wow guys. This is the best news ever. Those photos are just lovely. How far you have come in such a short space of time. Words cannot express how happy and relieved I am for you. Go Albie!!!

  44. Oh my Lordy!!!!!! What a crazy roller coaster ride! It IS the best news ever. Albie looks so radiant. You three are such a team! We can’t wait to have you back in the hood.

  45. Awesome news!! I am stoaked for you guys! Thank you for sharing your blog – your way with words is something special. Go Albie!!

    I guess I’ll be hearing from you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. The biggest wahoooooo & Yay….shouted from “The Roof Tops”!!!! Such wonderful news. Superstar Albie!! He is looking fantastic. Superb news. Will be wonderful to be home.

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