The sun is shining and we are heading home to Wellington this afternoon. The great big bucket loads of gratitude remain overflowing. Today we are so appreciative of all the staff at Starship – the surgeons Dr John Artrip and Kirsten Finucane, his anaesthetist Dave Buckley, Helen Sargent his fantastic surgical nurse, all of the staff at PICU especially Rich, Jo, Medha, Carol, Nicky, Teresa, Leigh, Judith, Elle and Zac and the amazing Intensivist Maestro’s John, Liz, Brian, Dave and Gabrielle, all the staff at 23B especially the registrar Carol and his favourite nurses Gemma, Linden and Alison. Our boy is alive and well and it is thanks to you all.

We tried to thank Helen this morning for everything and words just fail. She simply said, “That’s okay, its what we do.” We tried to thank John, his surgeon too, and he said, “No need to thank me yet – wait till he is at university and thank me then.” Their humility belies the fact that each and every day at Starship they are doing profound things. There are just no words to communicate how it feels to be bringing our son home. Lets go Albie, lets go.


  1. Mā te aha e kōrero? How can words express…? Wellington has thrown on a summery cardy for your trip home. Nau mai, hoki mai rā. xox

  2. I cant believe these pictures are of the same little boy who was hooked up to wires and machines. Well done Albie,you are a little star and truly are amazing xxxxxx

  3. Fantastic news Sarah. Yep, its a beaut of a day here in Wellington. Perfect for your arrival home. All the very best. πŸ™‚

  4. Hooray! What a momentous day. The sun is shining in Wellington too. Have a good trip and a lovely time settling back in to home life. x

  5. I am crying to with joy & relief!!!…what a journey..SO SO happy for you all. Wonderful news. He looks so smiley bless him, a true survivor! They are a stunning team up there at 23b and yes, they do perform miracles everyday. Love and hugs to you all and a hugest BIG snuggle huggle to your Starship trooper! Such wonderful news, safe flight home xxxx

  6. Albie looks amazing! So glad you are all safely home.All our prayers and hopes have been answered thanks to the amazing medical team at Starship. All our love and extra hugs to our lionheart Albie. Grandma and Grandad.xxxxxxx

  7. Way to go Albie ! ! ! The pics above brought tears to my eyes, what a courageous, blessed wee soul and incredibly amazing lil bubba you are wee Albie . . . I adore & love you so very much and I haven’t even met you (I went to school with your amazing Mummy!).
    Safe travels home Hopkinson family, I look forward to hearing more on Albie’s fantastic progress!
    Loads and loads of love, hugs & kisses to you all always xxx

  8. so happy for you guys sarah your little albie is a champion what a awsome feeling to be taking him home πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet
    Make you want to move your dancing feet”

    Wellington is ready to welcome you all home. Looks like tomorrow will be lovely for you too. So great to have you back xxxxx

  10. Yay!!!! the news that you are coming home just made my week…I’m headed out to go for a walk in the sun with a smile on my face… xox

  11. Go Albie, WAHOO home bound to welly, what an amazing speedy recovery , lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Tears of joy from the Simpson household!! We are just rapt and in awe – Albie our hero πŸ˜€ Safe travels and onto University for you sweet boy, gratitude in abundance and may his continued recovery be as super sweet x x Happy, happy Spring ❀

  13. Amazing recovery Albie, the sun is shining for your journey home, what a fantastic day for you all. He really is a little trooper – so happy for you all to be heading home xxx

  14. Welcome home Albie – this is the BEST news we could have had. We’ve turned on the sunshine for you – enjoy settling in and being home again lovely family xxx Jo Maddy Harriet

  15. YAY! Best news! The skill shown in Albies care was amazing. SO FABULOUS to read you are heading home! EXCITING! We also will be celebrating tonight – special meal planned! Will be lovely thinking of you all being safe at home when we eat! Will look forward to catching up soon! πŸ™‚

  16. Lots of love to you, Albie and family from, Sarah, Lily and Rosie Joyce. Have been thinking of you lots and sending good healing vibes like half the country it seems xxx

  17. I dont think if I could rewind and then add up all the excitment of every christmas I have ever had that it would even come close to matching the joy and excitment I have after reading this entry! Albie Hopkinson, you son, are a magical little person! One that I very much look forward to watching grow up and getting up to all the amazing things that amazing people (liek your parents) get up too.

  18. Super news! I am so stoked for you guys. What an epic journey you have all been on. Home will feel soooooooo good. Hip hip HOORAY!!

  19. Thank you for touching us all with the love and compassion in your blog. I think you deserve the super heroes awards yourselves.

  20. josh and i are sitting here with big goofy grins on our faces knowing you are home! i think this will be the only time in my life when i can honestly say that im absolutely thrilled to not be hanging out with you tomorrow πŸ™‚ sweet dreams tonight our wonderful Hopkinson whanau xxxxx

  21. We’re so pleased everything is going so well. What an incredible, beautiful boy Albie is. Sending you all lots of love and springtime (and English Autumnal) blessings. Ailsa and Liam xxx

  22. Awwww, I have tears welling up with joy-YAY, you’re going home, Hopkinson Family!!! Love the photos-so cute πŸ™‚ I look forward to hearing more of your adventures, Albie πŸ™‚

  23. Tears, tears and more tears of joy, gratitude and so much love for you all. The staff at Starship are amazing and we are so very blessed to have people like them in the world. Super big yahoos for heading home!! love love love xxxxxxxx

  24. “Paying it forward” isnt that what is called….I do recall speaking to a work colleague of yours (Hoppy) and she was saying what fantastic work you did with pregnant teens…and then there is Marcus helping kids with behavioural problems etc and always offering to give Kaya some extra help if needed and reminding us what an awesome kid she is…and I am sure for you guys “That is all in a days work!!” ….I think it may have been your turn to get some forward payment πŸ™‚
    Let us know once you are settled back home and have some time for visitors, the girls (Molly and Kaya) have a little something for you from their fundraising efforts and Indi keeps asking to see Albie on th computer…Mickey mouse has a bit of competition :0) ….Look forward to seeing you…Cheers Jen and Family x

  25. Only one word…A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Please keep us posted how you are getting on once you are home. love. xxxxx

  26. Welcome homexxxx it’s so good to hear that you’re safe and sound in beautiful Wellington— happy days xxxxxx

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