Its glorious being back home. We’ve been real low key so far just mooching about the house and going for walks by the sea. Its strange being home though. Wonderful –  don’t get me wrong, but strange. Its just that Albie got so very sick, and then so very better, so very quickly. And now we are away from hospital, tucked up in the safety of home, the last few weeks seem like a strange and awful dream.

We are seeing our lives with a new set of appreciative eyes. There is some beauty in this pensive, quiet mood.

The quilt that I clumsily made when I was pregnant went to Starship with us. We had it over the end of Albie’s bed as something familiar. When Albie’s heart stopped, the doctors quickly reopened his chest there and then and the quilt got some of his blood  on it.  We washed it soon after, but if you know where to look, very light tide marks remain. Anyway, when I was unpacking our things, I placed his quilt back over the edge of his cot again. With all this story behind us, the mural that I painted above his bed (when my belly was big and full) has taken on a new, much bigger meaning.

There is everything to be thankful for, everywhere. Seeing Albie’s wee paws on his toys again makes my heart soar and I can’t stop taking photos of his gorgeous bare cheeks. Our house abounds with well wishes.

It seems only fitting that the peace lily in Albie’s room has decided it’s time to flower.


  1. Love the thought of you all at home again and having some normal family time. lots of love and hugs to you all. xxxx

    • You have all had such a shock, I can imagine how strange it would feel. Getting home from hospital is weird in the most normal circumstances, and there was nothing normal about Albie’s journey! A very quiet life for a while will heal you all. So nice to think of you getting back to your lives. Wonderful photos Sarah. Take care, love Peta xx

  2. Thank you for sharing pics of this settling in time! It is indeed wonderful to see him playing with his toys! Bless your little fighter! I will be back to gaze upon these pics often I think, the images from two weeks ago still too present in my brain and need updating with these 🙂 One of the many reasons I love working with kids is they do just move onto the next thing – none of the ruminating and reflecting we adults do. They fully experience a moment but once they move on they are ONWARD. Dragging us along too. Hopefully he will take time to rest soon and give you time to process and catch up. More big welcome home hugs from us all!

  3. Really nice to see you guys back at home again. Albie is such a cutie!!! He looks totally gorgeous in yet another beautiful knitted jumper! Lots of love. xxxxxxx

  4. Lord. What you all have been through!!! His wall Mural is amazing Sarah and could not be more perfect. You must be pinching yourselves on a daily basis with what you have been through and where you are now! Adjusting back to normal life after a long term roller coaster must take time. Enjoy every moment, relax and rest. YOU all DESERVE IT xxx

    • Thanks Emma for your lovely comments and the great support throughout this whole shebang. I am sorry we missed having that coffee – I really look forward to meeting Rupert and catching up with you again when times are simpler for both of us!! Much love to you. I hope the following months are good to your loved ones too. xxx

  5. Time, space and peace to heal. Wishing you lots of good energy to do this in your own time. Beautiful photos of a beautiful life. How very precious it is. Take good care you three xxx

  6. Hi there,

    Reading your latest post was like a perfect balance of the sweetest joy and the lull after such a crisis.
    I have a very close friend who went through something similar with their second child, And still 18 months later he is very clear that he isn’t setting any goals or putting any pressure on himself about doing certain things, it takes time , big time , sometimes, to get over such a massive shock to the system.

    Albie looks amazing!! the look in his eyes is just spelbinding. Such a beauty! I recon that spending time with him and playing games will be the perfect antidote to all the time in hospital. Lots of love from all of us in Altham, Ben and Rosie. xxx

    • What a gorgeous comment. Thank you Ben. We are taking things slowly, but already feel a great deal better. Its been full-on – but the garden, the sun, the sea and close friends are healing us fast. Much love back to you xxx

  7. So good for you all to be home and have time to rest and recoup and and enjoy some peace after something which was so tough. Be good to yourselves and take time to acknowledge what you’ve been through,now that you can. I am sure that our wise and gorgeous Albie will be helping you process it all just by being well and leading you onto the next step in his recovery. Hugs and love to you all, you are amazing and inspiring and I am in awe of you xxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi there Helene – thank you so much for all your lovely comments. We haven’t really been replying until now, but we have certainly read each of your comments with lots of love. Look forward to seeing you soon sugar xxx

  8. In awe indeed – you guys are truly amazing, I have been round the world and back in these few weeks and time itself is a magical and wondrous thing.
    I am so so joyous to know you are home. You have all been so consciously in my thoughts. Take it step by step as always team Albie and when you are ready we are all here to listen, jabber along, live, love and enjoy as Albie grows and grows and lives and learns and loves XXXXXX

    • We are having a quiet month, but it IS so good to be HOME! Once we are a bit more on-to-it, I so look forward to catching up with you and yours and hearing how the trip northwards was! xxxxx

  9. You’re doing the right thing in taking this very slowly. You all need to heal from the rollercoaster you’ve been through. Welcome home. xx 🙂

  10. So good to see Albie is doing well and back home now! I hadn’t checked your blog in a couple weeks and was stopping by today to see how he’s going 🙂 I am so happy for you guys, he’s an amazing lil guy! Take Care, Carly xxx

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