Sweet cheeked, sugar-coated candyman

This blog post is rather simply dedicated to Albie’s sweet cheeks.  Now that his NG tube and its associated grubby tape have gone, I just can’t get enough of his FACE. His beautiful, beautiful bare cheeks! Fan I am.

At firstly, rather amazingly, I thought he looked a bit odd without his NG tube. Like when someone who wears glasses suddenly stops wearing them and their face suddenly looks a bit empty and naked, you know? Yeah, well I got over that. And now the camera fills with photos like these. Many, many photos like these.

There is other stuff I should stop to tell you. Like how he has to get fatter or he’ll go on supplements again. Like how he’ll have a scan again soon to see how his brain is responding to the innumerable micro hemorrhages he sustained from the cardiac arrest and ECMO. But no. Tonight I would like to tell you about his cheeks.

Oh my days Albie – your cheeks on your face are a sight to behold. I love them so.


  1. He is so gorgeous! Thank you so much for continuing to share with us your journey. Albie’s smile lights up my day whenever I see it. Much love to you all and may you have many happy moments of complete and utter adoration of Albie. Beautiful baby cheeks are precious and fleeting as life rushes onwards and you have so much more reason to celebrate them. xxxx

  2. Awwww he’s so darn cute & its simply awesome to see that gorgeous wee grin. Thank you again Sarah for sharing with Albie’s journey with us xxx

  3. What a fantastic start to the day. To see Albie smiling away like nothing has ever happened. Bless your cotton socks Albie….you’re simply gorgeous and oh so precious. Thanks for the update…. Jess x

  4. Thanks for the update Sarah. Love .I have seen that grin on photos of your dad when he was very young . That Uncle Bill had. On the other issues i’ll get our church team onto praying for positive outcomes. If Albie loves milkshakes Google Usana New Zealand . This is a health food group from the States that have very good products. My friends boy had been very sick 2 yrs ago and she used a scoop of their strawberry nutrimeal powder in a milkshake each day . within two weeks he was regaining the weight he had lost. Might help Albie he will be a lot more active now. janice

    • Oh blast – thankyou for the hint, I investigated, but the Nutrimeal is based on soy protein, which Albie has an allergy to. Great idea though, and because of it I have raised the idea of shakes with the dietitian that he goes to. She is giving him a month first, from when we last saw her, so we see her again next Friday. Hopefully he has become a chubby checker. I kind of know he hasn’t :/ xxxxxxx

  5. Oh my, he is divine. What a wee character. Shining eyes full of the joy of living. He looks so much like you Sarah! Good luck for the next stuff. But, just for now, bask in what is right there grinning at you. So cool 🙂

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