Finding our feet

Albie finally got walking last Friday and he hasn’t stopped since. He was threatening to get going for a while so I pulled out the video camera and whaddayaknow…. Its best you don’t hear my chortling and chanting  “You’re walking!You’re walking! You’re walking!” believe you me.

And I have found my feet too. Just today, I began work back in the office, two days a week. Far from it being the stretch away that so many mothers would prefer to not have to do, for me, it was great. It represents how far we have come, how well things are, how ‘normal’ our challenges are becoming.

When Albie was a dot, and I was encompassed with all of his health and baby needs, I blearily hung my Masters degree up in the hallway. My brain, and all my passion for work, seemed so packed away and kind of hard to fathom. But here it is all returned.  All unpacked, all right way up and all facing forward.

Now to master the art of wearing heels all day again!


  1. yeah,way to Albie. Well done little man. Now it’s time for mummy and daddy to put locks on those cupboards 🙂 xxx

  2. And Congrats Sarah on getting back into it on the work front too! 🙂
    Yay for all things being right way up again!

  3. Yay Albie!! The exploring you do now you are on your feet! And yay Sarah for pulling out your high heels and all that that represents. 🙂

  4. high fives to YOU albiesaurus!!!!!! your so awesome…and as for YOU mumma…im having a severe attack of ‘heels envy’ right now….go get em tiger 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Go for it Albie, not just taking a few steps but having a wander right round the room and stopping to get pick something up! I’m well impressed.

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