Such Great Heights – Redux

Back in May, I was waxing lyrical about this walk here as though it was the only walk in Wellington that was yet to surprise me. Which is daft really because I know nothing of Wellington walks. Pre-Albie when we went walking, we really went walking. We would bolt way out of the city, and do a two legged, bring your own everything kind of outdoor special for a few nights. And then post Albie, well we’ve just sojourned around the coastline and parks really. So all these Wellington hill walking tracks? I’ve no clue about any of them.

Anyhoo, enough history of our walking habits in Wellington – because THAT’S interesting. Basically we found another nugget of a place, three bays around from our house, that we had NO clue about. And it was awesome. Sunshine and sunscreen. Empty track and empty beach. A memorial to the New Zealand soldiers that lie on Turkey’s soil, and Dadda’s hat providing Bubba’s shade. It was awesome.

I will from here let the photos do the talking……

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  1. Georgia Daly says:

    Hi have read with smiles and tears many of your posts… you need to make this a book Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 09:58:18 +0000 To:

  2. Nichola Hopkinson says:

    Beautiful x

  3. Lizy says:

    So gorgeous Sarah, loving the pics, – Albies face now graces my desk at work and makes me smile everyday!

  4. keywoods says:

    what a great idea about the book it would be a delight .SO great to see you guys out there in the fresh air xxxxxx

  5. Peta Hislop says:

    Lovely to see you all looking so well and happy. Think of you all often and get updates from Emma when she sees Marcus at school. Love to you all,xx

  6. miguel garcia says:

    Just loverly! Albie ‘The Hat’ Hopkinson’ is cool as! Of course, you know that you will be everyone’s guides to the wonderful walks of wellington…hmmm…sounds like a book! Brill to see your ‘normal’ life! xxx (One each, even Marcus!) haha…Arohanui.

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