A special delivery

And one afternoon the week before last, a parcel arrived in our letterbox. Gifts for Marcus and me and Albie from a family we have not even met. That in itself would have been enough of a story to tell you about the beauty of paying love forward.

But within the parcel, of a number of noteable, thoughtful treasures, was a very special wee doll. A handmade boy with a story to tell.

This is ‘Albie Baby’ and Albie LOVES him. Probably because he knows the story well too. He did arrive in a natty knitted purple waistcoat and trousers, but Albie seems to prefer him butt naked. Last night Marcus and I crept into Albie’s room to see an arm slung over him in slumber. We pretend to put balm on his scar before we put it on Albie’s and it makes him smile.  These two are going to be pals.

He raised Albie Baby into my face today and said ‘Albie Baby – Splash?’ I wasn’t sure that said doll could be handling a dunk, so a quick zipparoni around  a plastic container with a vivid marker,and whaddayaknow – a bath! Luckily, and I know you’ll be breathing  a sigh of relief, Albie didn’t seem to mind  a jot that it wasn’t the real deal and bowled ahead with filling said bath with alphabet block water.

Ahhh bliss, a bath in the sunshine.

Thankyou Anissa and Jed, for such a wonderful present – a reminder that this world is filled with beauty and beautiful people. I have a hunch that Albie Baby will be truly, truly treasured.


  1. This is absolutely delightful! I hope all is going well with getting back to some kind of normality in your world. Think of you all often. Albie is a complete wee star! xx

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