These boots were made for walking…

Slowly, but surely, Albie is a-walking everywhere. Slowly being the operative word. Not because he couldn’t go faster,  he really can. He positively zooms around the house. No, in town, its more a case of there being waaaay too much to look at. Particularly when one is busy traversing an old grey concrete wall. As we all know….them walls be interesting!

I love seeing him walk. Its like a whole, taller person appeared before us.

And can I say how much I love the accidental colour matching going on. As soon as I noticed, I insisted Marcus take photos of my legs with Albie. I think he may think I am going insane but he indulged me anyway. What can I say, such things please me. As do colour-coded bookshelves and single colour lego houses. What Bliss.

I might have to accidentally colour match my legs to Albie more often.


  1. I totally agree – the color match is ace! You shouldn’t try but definitely take pics when it happens so! But the bit here that makes me smile is that you have your pins out AND check out Albie’s belly – its positively popping at the seems – such a happy happy set of photies 🙂 xxx

  2. Ha Ha -you aren’t the only one Sarah. I love colour. I always choose the colour I feel like wearing and go to town with it. Then I dress the kids and often realise I have accidentally colour matched them to my outfit! Good job the big 2 dress themselves now – well big 3 really or we’d look a right bunch of purple ( red/ orange/ green/ blue) Home Ed wierdos trailing round together all matching…. I really don’t do it on purpose it just must be my colour mood. Seriously though colour is fab and just makes all the difference to a photos. Albie looks even more gorgeous set against the scenery of your matching legs!

    • Totally! I must have been feeling the cobalty bright blueness of the day….Albie will be stoked to dress himself one day I am sure. Its either me mapping out entire outfits of fun from top to toe or Marcus dressing him in trousers over top of a pair of shorts with a pyjama top and bare feet. That was today – I was working and met them at the hospital for an appointment afterwards. I was perturbed to say the least. xx

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