Playing in dirt, wiping runny noses, evening backyard fires – general spring time marvelling.

This is Albie’s Gardening Bag, complete for action with various sized containers and a flurry of wild animals. I am not sure how usual it is for a kid to say ‘Gaaarning? Gaaarning?’ on a daily basis in hope that some gardening will eventuate, but it sure is cute. He loves it out there.

It’s one heck of a vibrant spring – everything green is going gangbusters.
I feel a need to say this, by way of excuse, before sharing pictures of a backyard fire where the lawn is threatening to engulf the fire. We be needing some cattle for this here pasture!

His face has changed so much hasn’t it? I think they are called cheeks and I welcome their arrival with open arms. He has finally begun eating like a lion and catching up on his weight. He is still tiny, 9.2kgs at 19 months, but he is stacking it on fast now. He eats everything with gusto and spies flavour combinations that I most definitely would not. Pear and malai kofta anyone? According to this guy’s face, its a real taste sensation.

Those marks on his forehead remain. They are burn marks from the sensors that were monitoring his brain activity while he was on ECMO. I wish them away.

We had an appointment with the Hospital Dietetics last week – we have seen Barbara there since he was a tiny dot. Albie is doing so well now that she discharged us. Discharged us! For the first time in his life, no-one will be asking what he has been eating and drinking. What a revelation! A small part of me is perturbed that no-one wants to plot his weekly weight any more. Its kind of freaky when you are so used to it. But its mostly very, very cool.

So that is our lately. Its pretty awesome, no?


  1. They are such super photos Sarah and the dietician discharging him is super news. Yes it will seem strange and a little unnerving for a while but that will sson go. His great grandad (your dad’s father) was an awesome gardener so I am not surprized he loves it out there.Great to be kept up with the good news.

  2. Hi Sarah, it is so nice to read the blog and see the beautiful pictures! Albie is looking so well and so sweet! He is such a handsome boy-Mia has great taste! You are such a clever and talented writer! We look forward to hopefully catching you guys in the Naki over Christmas xx

    • Awesome you say? I don’t think so!!!!!… (Lizy played it cool as she waited the 28 days, 16 hours, 14 minutes and 24 seconds until she landed in Wellington before revealing her cool facade was nothing more than a farce..)

  3. Love the last couple of posts. I am jealous of Albie… he has such wonderful parents and what a beautiful life he has in store – walking, garninnggg, backyard fires!

  4. Yippeeeeee!!!!! That is brilliant news. The 2nd bib photo is so YOU Sarah, but the 3rd one is TOTAL Marcus 🙂 Keep it up Albie. You are a superstar xxx

  5. Sarah, as I read your updates, although I have never met you or Albie, it is such a thrill to hear how much your experience has touched you and how every small step and new experience for Albie brings you so much joy and appreciation. Going through a major event is a huge emotional life-changing process and your sharing will be such an encouragement
    to others going through major hurdles in life. There is something very special and totally infectious about Albie’s smile for a boy who has been through so much. Thank you for touching the lives of so many people. Bless you all 🙂

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