Bright eyes

A few weeks ago, I started to feel myself  beginning to zoom out a little again. Begin to engage with so much more. Oh look, there’s a whole world around the periphery of our family! Huh. Look. At. That. Hello there world, you beautiful beast. Yes I have been ignoring you.

Until recently, if it wasn’t in the microcosm of everything Albie, it simply didn’t matter to me. I’ve been totally absorbed by our tiny life . Rightly so I am sure, but totally claustrophobic nonetheless (please pause for a cute blast-from-the-past photo that has almost no relevance to this post, save for the title…)

Finding space in my head and heart to see more of what surrounds me has been the most refreshing tonic. All the passions I have in life, that have been on low for so long, are slowly reigniting.  I am coming back into myself and I’m excited about who I might be now.  I have an energy starting to build that makes me want to get going and do stuff. Do lots of stuff. Lots and  lots of awesome stuff that makes a difference in this world.

I want to be a fantastic mother and a grateful, outward-facing, forward-paying citizen of a just and green world too. To me, the first is totally related to the second and I have so much naval gazing to balance out. We have so much to catch up on.

And then such bold thoughts are followed quickly by a round of skittles with Albie in the lounge. And baking a cake. And making Albie giggle hysterically by throwing a ball in the air.  All in all, a great rainy-day afternoon. Maybe those passions for this life outside of Albie are still on a very low simmer after all.





  1. These things are not mutually exclusive Sarah. You are all those things, and beautifully so, in varying proportions at different times. You are an inspiration xxx

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