Camp Life

We’ve been camping in a field by the sea in a stupidly beautiful pocket of New Zealand – Waikawau Bay. There is a cold water tap for washing, a long-drop loo and very little else. Our days are simple. revolve around the daylight hours and focus on cooking meals, swimming in the sea and lying in the shade to dry off. I’ve barely lifted the camera. Now we know Albie is well and good, I feel less of a need to capture every moment we have.  But he is revelling in this slow paced life – exploring everything busily and crashing to sleep when he’s done. He  is growing into an adventurous young boy before our very eyes.



One wonderful week done and another to go.




  1. Waikawau Bay is one of our favourite places to camp – haven’t been there with kids yet but can’t wait to take them one day – so beautiful!! Enjoy your break away, and… happy birthday!!!!

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