The Sling Diaries: Expression

Dear Albie,

Where to begin with this letter to you my boy ? Both my head and my heart are full of absolute jumble at the moment. Full of joy for Grace and Riley who have both been safely born, and full of sadness too for Seren, a heart warrior just like you Albie, who passed away yesterday. I am a bag of sentimentality today, and tears jump into my eyes from both directions.


In a couple of weeks you will be two years old. I think this too can be blamed for my soppy-ness. I have so much to say to you Albie about this birthday. And not about how much you have grown, or how you have transformed in a blink of an eye, but about how awesome it is to get to this place at all. The great lashings of gratitude that threatened to consume me in September last year, are back in full force.



Today, with the sun shining bright and a small vest on,  I can see the top of your scar. Sometimes, I’m careful to make sure the world can’t see your story so readily.


But today, I feel nothing but pride in that mark upon your chest and in dynamite personality that lies within.  I would expect you to be cautious of this world for all you have been through, but instead you high-five strangers, and chat to whoever is listening and pass on your smile wherever you go. You have had to be such a fighter Albie, and yet you carry nothing from it but love.



Since your earliest weeks, this blog has been an ode to you. An extended, and often times painful, story of love. And now we are here, in this chapter. This chapter of health, of  joy, of sun. Thank you for bringing us here Albie. I want to tell you my nearly-two-year-old boy, that this chapter is the most delightful chapter yet.





xxx Mumma

Photos by our dear friend, and the very clever Jason Jones

I wear Albie in a Sakura Bloom Essential Silk Sling in Midnight

This post is part 4 of a 6 part series for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries. We are one of 15 families documenting our babywearing experience over a six month period. You can follow the Sling Diaries on PinterestFacebook or Tumblr



  1. Beautiful Sarah – sooooooo proud of you guys!! What a wonderful place to be in right now, and can’t wait to celebrate Albie’s 2nd birthday. xxxxxx

  2. just beautiful Sarah…and may Albie have a fantastic birthday (and how could he not with such twinkles in his eyes!?). you all are looking fabulous! xx

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