Beauty is such a visually-loaded word. And I don’t begrudge it for being so. The art-lover, the nature-lover and the order-maker in me are all huge fans of the aesthetically pleasing. 


But this month’s theme had me slightly stymied. I wanted to address it but I didn’t want a face-off between it and my fine lines and wrinkles – or an unnecessary confession to you about how this body has changed. There are far too many conventionally physical measures of Beauty for this fragile ego to handle.

I know better than all of that too.

So I decided to tell you a much more honest story from behind the camera lens rather than in front of it.  To share with you the beauty that I see rather than the beauty that I be.


The beauty that fills my eyes and then, soon-after, my heart.

slingdiary5 These two. Marcus holds him close and they share jokes I am not invited to.

slingdiary8We went to camp by the river for the weekend, just the three of us. We kind of needed it.  We didn’t do a great deal, just mooched about, went to the river, swam, threw rocks and got overly excited by a blackberry patch laden with ripe fruit.



Now that Albie is raring to go everywhere on-his-own-two-feet-thank-you-very-much, the sling has become transport. A wonderful mode of transport, certainly, but as soon as we are there, he is straight down and amongst it. slingdiary12

slingdiary13 slingdiary14 slingdiary15 slingdiary17

Albie is starting to really think  his Dad is pretty darn amazing.
And can I say, Albie would be totally right. Marcus is pretty darn silly amazing.

These days that we are enjoying now, are so beauty-filled, I never could imagine we would get to a place like this – not at his birth, not through his first winter, and certainly not in August last year either.  All those struggles serve to do is just amplify all of this – this summer the dial is set at Gratitude and Acceptance.


I probably sound like a total hippy spouting such sentences, but it’s all true.

slingdiary1 slingdiary2 slingdiary3 slingdiary4

I wear Albie in a Sakura Bloom Essential Silk Sling in Sandstone/Pebble

This post is part 6 of a 6 part series for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries. Its been a healing six months, and wearing my child close has been a big part of that. Thank you Leigh and Lynne for the opportunity.

We have been one of 15 families documenting our babywearing experience over a six month period. You can follow the Sling Diaries on PinterestFacebook or Tumblr.


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