Singapore: Animals, admirers and a couple of stitches

We stopped in Singapore on the way to England –  to minimize the jet lag and to have our own wee holiday. It was super hot, super jam-packed and super awesome.

Albie had a ball. He simply loves ‘El-fe-nants’ and saw them up close for the first time at Singapore Zoo. I kinda of had a hunch it’d be exciting for him. This was his face when he saw them…


Followed quickly by a trumpeting arm of celebration…



He was kind-of stoked. As were a great number of people, all around Singapore, on the very sight of Albie. He just conjured up crowds wherever we went. Photo-taking gaggles.



We took the cable car to Sentosa Island, jumped on the Singapore Flyer (the largest observation wheel in the world), took a boat ride down the river, ate yummy food, wondered at the most amazing biodomes ever, marvelled at the largest oceanarium in the world, soaked up some museums. We were proper tourists and it was GREAT.







It was hot – really, really stinking hot – like 33 degrees and 87% humidity. We sought out air-conditioning. And when we didn’t, we took more than one photo like this one. I love how me and Marcus are like ‘Hooray! A river boat ride’ and Albie is like ‘ This is hot. I have no reason to smile here.’


And that plaster on his head? Hmmm, yeah about that…. Albie tripped on the way to the hotel lift and hit his forehead on the metal door frame. It split really well, and took us off to hospital. They wanted to sedate him and stitch it, but with his heart, we weren’t too keen to do that, so it got glued back together and then taped. A silly accident that’ll add another scar to his collection.

And we also sometimes sat in the room window and coloured in, or fell asleep at unusual times. You gotta do what you gotta do.





  1. This is so exciting and wonderful!! So glad you are all loving it (despite the glued forehead…) and I love the hot cross picture, brilliant! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home. Lots of love from us xxx

  2. Fantastic photo’s thank you so much for sharing these with us. Have friends that recently holidayed -(word?!) with teen boys in Singapore and just loved it, must say it looks really interesting and so much to do. Enjoy being back in Blighty and seeing family.xx

  3. Thanks Marcus for giving this blog about Albie. I recognise that face when he saw the ele-fants! Thank you Marcus and Sarah for being such awesome family and I have enjoyed working alongside you and Albie. He will be missed tremendously by me!!! I am glad you enjoyed Singapore when you were there – not so much by me. perhaps i have lived half of my life there. 🙂
    Take care and have a great Christmas holidays!

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