1. Out of the mouth of Albie….

Albie has been a bit of a joker from a young age – full of brightness and humour and laughter. His levels of light have always astounded me, and I have wondered whether he is so sanguine despite what he has been through, or perhaps even because of it.  

Anyway – I enjoy this talkative, outward-facing boy. He makes me giggle everyday. And, seems these days move quicker than we ever want, I thought I might start sharing some of these moments here.

So without further ado, let’s turn now to Part One in the season of Out of the Mouth of Albie:

Albie, aged 2 years 3 months


IMG_9959 (1)

“Ami?” Albie says, to his back-seat companion as we drive to The Dowse.

“Yes Albie,” Ami replies.

“Your sneakers….. (large pause from Albie as he sizes up the shoes in question)…….they ARE a little bit different!”

Ami laughs, “Are they!?”

“Yes….(another large pause as he realises that Ami wasn’t fully on-board with that observation)………but, they’re awesome too.”


These entries, without his wide eyes and intonation, may well translate rather awkwardly to you-had-to-be-there moments –  for which I provide no apology. They may be saccharine sweet but they are a full measure of  this mother’s love. 


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