Shaking the virtual bucket for heart kids

Its @ Heart Awareness Week next week, and we are helping to raise money for this awesome charity.

@Heart is the only charity that supports Kiwi children and families affected by CHD, right through their life, and they receive no government funding.

We have started a fundraising page here – with a summary of Albie’s story and how @ Heart have helped us. If you have some spare money for a truly worthwhile cause that’d be splendiferous.

shake a bucket




  1. Great to be able to contribute to Albie’s journey. You are a wonderful family. You are all heroes!

    Love Gleni XXX

  2. Would love to Sarah but don’t have a credit card please send me account number and a reference code Janice Mannex


    • Sorry it took so long to reply Janice. That is so generous of you, thank you. To make a one-off donation to @ Heart you can pop it directly into their ASB bank account (named At Heart) 12-3209-0368133-00
      Much love xx

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