….and so…


We are having another baby.


I have a lot more to say to you about this, believe you me.

Too much more really.

I have taken the best part of Albie’s nap to write and rewrite jumbled thoughts only to find myself, rather dissatisfyingly back at the start with this simple sentence.

For now, it seems, that is just about all I can write without getting tangled.

Much love to you all! 





  1. Yay congrats!! Wishing you a happy, healthy, joyous, surprise free pregnancy. Nice and boring and routine, it’s good and healing for the heart and soul.

  2. Heya – that’s so cool. I’ve been so caught up in our own addition to the family that I’ve not checked the un-urgent mails until now. Congratulations! Rebecca 🙂

    > >

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