3. Out of the mouth of Albie

“What shall we call the baby Albie?”

a great ponderous pause, and then inspiration strikes…..


photo (3)

Not sure we’ll go with the name Happy Zoosee it in the end, but for now it’s doing nicely.



  1. I can think of no better name for a baby in any culture, at any location on the planet, at this stage in its life.

    And I can think of no better family to be awaiting the arrival of such a delightful new family member!

    Happy Zoosee (TM) 🙂 has made my day!

    Go well all you merry Hopkinson-Zoosees

  2. Albie looks amazing, so glad to see him thriving! He and his paremts are inspiring to all heart-parents and their little ones around the world!

    All the best!

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