Great things

So we went for the anatomy scan on Monday last week. We had a lovely sonographer called Laura, who pretty much got to hear our life stories. It was like our nerves took over our mouths and we talked her ear off. What Laura doesn’t know about us, seriously isn’t worth knowing. Poor Laura.

Anyway, as we chatted, she spent around 90 minutes doing a super thorough check of Happy Zoosee. And in the midst of that time, she uttered some very simple words,

“The heart looks absolutely normal.”


We met with the specialist the next day and he confirmed all looked good. Some heart defects can develop later on, so there will be another heart scan in four weeks time to be sure – but if Happy Zoosee had anything as major as Albie’s setup, it would be apparent already.

In response to this particularly splendid news, we packed up the car and went camping for the rest of the week.

It wasn’t the best of weather (ahem, it was windy and rainy most every day) but that meant we got in some great, blustery walks on the beach and plenty of time in the tent reading. And I do kind of love how camping revolves around breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially when it rains. Simple days. Albie played with his cars on the mesh door and hankered for the weather to break.


And it finally did. The sun came out, Albie got on his wheels and zoomed down the nearest hill. He grins at the bottom, “That was fast!” He has courage to burn.


Either Albie’s haircut, or the news that he is a big brother, has turned this toddler into a young wee boy. Are you sixteen already? What is going on? (although hopefully by his teenage years he will be able to eat icecream a little more elegantly)




  1. That is wonderful. By the way I’m sure you misheard the Zoosee. What Albie really said was Happy Soozee. Love Soo (and Colin)

  2. I love following your blog… fills me with so much happiness knowing Albie is doing so well & you have another bubba on the way. You are honestly the most awesomest family I have ever met xxxx Lee

  3. Yes! I’ve been quietly stalking from my blogroll for updates. I figured no news was good news, though I was starting to get nervous, and not even my babe! So glad for this, hope the next scan is as unremarkable as the first and you can settle into creating life without major worry (cause we all worry. about something.).

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