Heir Apparent

So, Albie and I sat down the other morning and made a ‘party hat’ for his kindy Christmas party. It turned out more regal than intended, but a party hat it was.


Albie wouldn’t wear it to kindy – insisted it stay at home. Blastholes. Hey-ho, you win some, you lose some, right?


The party hat instead got a rather unexpected promotion on our return home and became his go-to hat – appropriate it would seem for all occasions – breakfast, beach, mini-golf etc…


image_3 (2)

image_2 (3)

This crown is getting worn everywhere right now. He rocks it in the way that only little kids can.

Not sure how well an aluminium foil crown will do at sun protection though.

I think I may have to throw it away  quietly ease it into retirement sometime soon.

One comment

  1. That is so cute that he wants to keep wearing it! It’s the making of something and who they made it with, not the thing that give kids precious memories 🙂

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