Out of the mouth of Albie: Conversations with Balloon Dog


We went to a Summer City Circus Day a wee while ago. I am sure it was awesome for just about everyone there, but I was foolishly dressed in too much black and felt like I was physically melting in the heat.  Albie, on the other hand was particularly impressed by  a balloon artist who was folding animals for all and sundry. The line for said creations, however, just about made me weep.  We beat a fast retreat to the  shade and then to home.

A couple of days later, I used google and learnt how to make a balloon dog.  We called the dog Rufus, and Albie was immediately enamoured.  Here is a wee video of one of Albie’s chats with “New Rufus” ( you can guess what happened to Rufus #1). He chats away to this dog like nothing else. Seriously – the topics these two cover!

We are somehow raising a petrol head by the way. That book on his lap (entitled The Fast and the Furious and probably aimed at 10 year olds), he simply HAD to have out from the library. I am all like “..but look at this one about the seasons Albie!”  Poor boy. He will be so disappointed when he realises his parents own a 1.6litre automatic Nissan Wingroad and dig public transport.

There were days and days, after his cardiac arrest, where we feared that this beautiful mind had gone. Sometimes I can’t even fathom how far we have come.




  1. LOVE it! That is the funniest sweetest video. Total petrol head! You can tell him that TVRs come from where Daddy is from (almost) – Blackpool! They are called TVR as the guy who started company is called TreVoR. TVR definitely cooler name for a supercar, eh…

  2. So so lovely ❤ … What a knowledge ! Sounds like he has a thing or two to teach us all , loving the embellishment on balloon dog too xxx

  3. Wow sarah, he is truly a spectacular wee man, I was entranced!! I hope the baby growing is going well too, so very exciting! What an amazing family the new poppet is coming to 🙂

  4. I could watch Albie and New Rufus for ages 😉 – he’s a wonderfully entertaining boy (and, New Rufus is pretty funny too!). What a gift that you can so deeply appreciate his sparkly, quite amazing mind.

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