Frederick Kāhu Edwin Hopkinson. Another light in our very wonderful world.

Welcome little man, welcome.


Yeah, that’s his unfinished quilt in the top right corner. Not sure when I’ll be getting to that project again?


  1. Congratulations to your new arrival! Well, done, Sarah. Love the name!
    Busy times ahead of you so better teach hubby to finish that quilt. 😉
    Our second rascal is turning one next week! Take care, Conny from CTL

  2. Congratulations Sarah , Marcus and Albie on your gorgeous new addition to your family 🙂 welcome to the world Fred you are so cute and i see you were born on your twin 2nd cousins (Lyric & Soraya`s) 1st birthday (i will never forget your birthday) . well done to your mum what a awesome job she has done baking you and bringing you into the world 🙂 much love to you all xxx

  3. Congratulations to you all and special congrats to Albie for becoming a big brother! I know you will be a big help for Mum 🙂 xxx

  4. I love the introduction! Congrats, he’s….handsome! (As opposed to my standard ‘beautiful’, that too really).

  5. Congratulations! Turns out we have the same midwife – small world. She would have been busy if Annelise had gone to term – Fred was born on her due date. He’s so cute!

  6. Congratulations Sarah on the wonderful arrival of Fred- love love the name! Enjoy all the delicious tiny baby snuggly times ahead. X x

  7. Fred is a delight! My dad’s middle name was also Edwin. Hope big brother Albie is rejoicing in his new role. Corny

  8. Congrats to all you Hopkinsons. Hope everyone is well. I am well and good back here in Dunedin. I am sure Albie is pretty excited and stoked. Take care!!!

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