Speed demon

IMG_1164 We’ve less than a month now until we fly to the UK to live. Time seems to be speeding up and we have a countdown calendar attached to the wall. 28 days to go….Albie adorned it with stickers. I am especially enamoured with the four of us on the plane. What a happy wee whānau we are all lined up in our seats! IMG_0511 We went to Taranaki, where I am from and where much of my family still live. A time for introductions and for the start of some goodbyes too. It is so beautiful there. Maybe one day we can return and our boys can grow at the ankles of the great mountain Taranaki. I’d like that. The jolly selfish brute didn’t pop his head out of clouds the whole week we were there. IMG_1069 IMG_1117 IMG_1156 IMG_1150 IMG_1154 IMG_0508 We stayed in a cabin at the beach. Visited people and took Albie for a much needed walk on the beach each day. That makes him sound quite akin to a Labrador doesn’t it?  He actually is – very interested in sticks, running and digging! IMG_0502 IMG_0519 IMG_1133 IMG_1017 IMG_1009 Time is speeding away. Much like Albie on his scooter. Boy, does he whizz!


  1. Hi Marcus and Sarah and Albie and Fred… I am surprised you guys are heading back to UK. I will miss Albie. I wish I get a chance to meet Fred too…. Always thought as long as I visit OBK and Wellington, I will still get a chance to see Albie but you and family are heading back to UK. You will be missed. Happy times and all the best. 🙂

  2. wow, have a great trip and a wonderful new chapter in your lives in the home of Mars Bars, the FA Cup and many other kinds of goodness 🙂

    cheers, Ed

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