Four Fred Months

Dear Freddy,



Four Fat Freddy Months with you. I can’t quite believe how quickly this time has gone nor can I imagine our lives without you.

Look at you Freddy! You are a bit of a dreamboat  – sleeping well, eating well, being happy, happy, happy. You are growing up a storm – I suspect you are over 8kgs now and there are now four rolls of fat on each of your thighs. They are too delicious! Your head has become the most amazingly round head I have ever seen. Save your ears, I think it might be completely spherical. Your grandma says it is a Burtwhistle head. It’s pretty darn cute if you ask me. You have two teeth coming through on the bottom and your fists spend a lot of the day in your mouth. If you aren’t chewing on your hands you’re cooing and chatting. You’re standing on your feet when we hold you on our laps and sitting up with something behind your back. I am carrying you on my hip and my back now.  The way you are tracking Albie around the room, I get the feeling there will be no stopping you once you get going.

I watch your Dad talking with you. He loves to chat with you before and after his days at work, and your face lights up with his – two large grins and four sparkling eyes. It makes me smile ear to ear seeing the two of you like that.

I remember seeing our Albie develop and grow at this stage too. We delighted in his laughs, in his smiles, in his personality emerging. Of course we did.  It was a white-knuckled delight though. Like rock climbers reaching new tenuous holds, each and every month excited, but aware of the drop, so unsure of what might happen next.  So focused forward because we simply couldn’t look down.

But here, this time with you Freddy, there is no taint. No cliff. No handholds. Just sweet delight. An easy ramble in a very leafy, very English, very summery, park.

I feel like we’ve arrived somewhere new in so many ways.  Of course we are at a place of new beginnings for us as a family here in the UK. But Freddy you’ve brought  us as parents to a new place with you too.  Where we get to do it all again in such a different way.  I want to thank you for that already.

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