Pendle Hill:Our new Red Rocks

We used to go walking at Red Rocks on the South Coast of Wellington quite a bit.  It is a beautiful and barren landscape – smashing seas, rumbling rocks, vertiginous cliffs and the occasional seal. It was near our house, which is always handy with little ones, yet it felt a world away. It was a real favourite (can you believe this post was just over a year ago? Albie has grown SO MUCH).


Anyway, we’ve found our new Red Rocks right here in Pendle Hill. It is just as close to us as Red Rocks was and it is equally a world away. Pendle Hill is the prominent landmark in the area, but I didn’t realise what a hill it was till we got on top of it.  There is heather and sedge and tussock grass, windswept hills and changing horizons. We walked to the summit and back down again and it was totally cracking.


Albie is a very, very, very determined tramper. We will actually have to get him some proper boots I think! We kept offering him the backpack endlessly, but he would reply “No thanks, I want to walk.” I’m not exaggerating when I say he walked most of the way up himself.




Fred observed from my back. He watched and smiled and watched again. And then perhaps every half hour or so he will have a large attack of the chats -gurgling and gargling away to me. Then a nap. He is just the sweetest baby. And growing. Oh my gosh – is he growing!





We will be back here a fair bit –  both so excited to find such a worthy successor to Red Rocks. It is beautiful up there.


And, squeals! It will even  get crunchy with snow.


Come on over and we’ll show you around.

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