Fedora hats.

Our dear Fred turned six months a couple of weeks ago. Six months!

six months

I thought it would be fun to do Albie’s six month photo with Fred but I don’t think I will try a recreation shot again! Fred outgrew the blue cardigan and rainbow booties before we had even left New Zealand. And that onesie? She’s a tight fit and it isn’t because it shrunk!

Fred is nearly 10kgs now – Albie was just over 5kgs. I look back at these photos of our pint-sized fighter and marvel at him. And I marvel too at us blindly battling through it all. Urgh. I remember that winter vividly. Those were not the days.

I think I am realising though, through looking at photos like this, that these are two vastly different boys who will have two vastly different stories. I need to hang up the comparision hat and just witness their individual journeys for what they are. It is only fair to the both of them.

And weight and height mattered back in 2011, but it doesn’t matter now. Thankfully.



But just before I take this rather comfy fedora off, oh how I am used to wearing it,  I just have to tell you, three more rather fascinating factoids:

Freddy is bigger now than Albie was at 18 months/Right now, Fred is 3 years younger and just 5kgs lighter than Albie is/Fred is already up to Albie’s armpit in height.

Okay. Now I am done. The comparison hat is off.

I remember a paediatrician, or perhaps it was a cardiologist, saying that they would expect Albie to recover up to a half of the growth that he missed out on in his first eighteen months, but that might not happen till later on down the track, perhaps even at puberty.

It is blindly obvious already that Fred is going to be taller and bigger than Albie – and probably much sooner than I ever anticipated. But the less of a deal made of that, the better, wouldn’t you think? I think so. I want to protect Albie from it being an issue and that has to start with me.

So let’s instead look at the two of them with mash on their faces.

Some things have changed this time around, and some things are, miraculously, the same.



  1. Oh wow, what beautiful boys. It is I think impossible not to compare! I am constantly being amazed at Trix’s way of doing things. Apparently for some unknown reason I expect that she will do everything the same as Scout did – so far that has almost never been true. And what a gift it is to see our babies unfurl with their very own wonderful personalities, capabilities and styles! I think second time around it is easier to sit back and witness it all rather than stress out in the belief that it is all about what we as parents do and don’t do. I can only imagine that goes one hundred times over for the love beset and frightened parents that you had to be when Albie was battling. Muchos love lovelies, S.

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