Morecambe: A promenade


The summer has been having it’s last hurrah here. The air has cooled, the trees’  leaves are turning and the days are shortening. Marcus continues to warn me, along with everyone else at every turn, that winter is coming. There is a sense of foreboding from everyone that I am yet to understand.

We’ve been continuing to explore our surrounds. We trotted off to Morecambe for the day. Morecambe is on the west coast, just out of Lancaster and an easy hour away.


Turn the other way, and there are faded bed and breakfasts, greasy spoons and discount stores. A lot of peeling paint and many tracksuits. But this way! Looking across Morecambe Bay to the Lake District is beautiful indeed.

Oh, I do love to be beside the seaside. I miss the breeze and the salt that comes with it.


Albie scooted to his hearts content up and down the promenade. Out onto the pier and back again. Full of beans. He remains a very social, outward looking boy, greeting everyone as he passes, walking up to perfect strangers with pertinent questions on his mind. Sometimes I want to temper his gregariousness. But on days like this one, where there is no rush and no place to be, it is a delight to watch him chatting to cyclists taking a break about how their gear mechanism works.

He is a wonder to me.

We have had his first paediatrician appointment. His oxygen levels sit at 97% . Future heart surgery is thankfully miles and miles and miles away, way over yonder – far ahead. We also have a specialist cardiology appointment at Alder Hey in Liverpool just to get his baseline ECG, echo and X rays done. Alder Hey has a great paediatric cardiology reputation, which is very reassuring. Hopefully we won’t need them for anything major the entire time we are here.

Anyway, lets get back to Morecambe on a sunny day. It has this brilliant promenade that goes forever, a beautiful Art Deco hotel, some interesting sculpture.  It’s a modest seaside destination, I would be hyping it up if I suggested otherwise, but it was fun nonetheless.





There are still many things that fit us awkwardly at the moment but we are settling in here now. I can feel our roots going out with more confidence now into this new soil.  Don’t get me wrong, I think we will return to New Zealand in the long run. But for now there is a lot to grow from here, precious people to love here and a huge amount to explore.

We happily ate some haloumi burgers as the sun started to head down on Morecambe and we drove back home to our house, in Read.




  1. Wonderful to see that Albie is able to thoroughly enjoying his new experiences, he has done so well. Such a blessing. He will never forget it I am sure.
    Had dad for tea the other night, was good to see him.
    Take care

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