Pendle Hill: View from the top

These photos are from another trip up Pendle Hill, this time starting from the other side in Barley. Albie walked the lions share of the way up and all the way down. Freddy watched over my shoulder. We ate a blustery sandwich at the top and made our way back down.

A lovely Saturday all in all.




I should hasten to add this was the Saturday before last. The Saturday just been we spent in Blackpool.

The less I say about that the better as I would certainly tread on the toes of any of the city’s fans.


Lets just say that, for our family at least, happiness is found in places like Pendle.



Which reminds me, have you read The Happiness Project? It is all about being mindful of doing what makes you happy. Everything Albie took us through has taught us that too. Life is short and to be enjoyed.

As simple as that sounds, it is a sure trick to do sometimes!

Sometimes you end up standing with your tired family on a littered street surrounded by inflatable toys, bingo halls and prize arcades while  stag-do drunkards shout racist slurs at other passer-bys. Happiness this did not bring.

Perhaps, lets just look instead at a sheep on a hill.


Ahhhhh, that’s better.

And so ends my post about Blackpool. 😉


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