Autumn: Tricks and Treats

Sunrise: 7:28 AM
Sunset: 4:18 PM

Boy, is it getting dark around these parts. It is a treat to see the seasons turn so markedly. Autumn has brought great flurries of leaves down. Coloured sunrises over my breakfast coffee. And many squirrels whizzing up and down and up and down the trees readying themselves to survive winter. I can’t tire of a squirrel. They are the cuteness.




All the traditions of this time of year – of bonfires, of Halloween, of pumpkins, make so much sense here in the encroaching darkness and cold.   We celebrated Halloween at a friends party and then out trick or treating.  Fred dressed as a dinosaur, and Albie as a doctor. Albie COULD NOT believe that such an occasion as Halloween exists. You could just see his brain going into overdrive as he processed it – so on Halloween you get to stay up late, and dress up as something, and knock on strangers doors, and there are scary things hung up everywhere, and the neighbours give you handfuls of candy?! This is the Best. Idea. Ever. Quite a few houses in the neighbourhood, had gone all out decoration-wise and it was fun to be out and about with other families in their costumes too. Albie would exclaim ‘Trickle Treating!’  as each door opened (we tried to explain to him that you are meant to say Trick or Treat, but he was having none of that).  It was a heck of an amount of family fun. So much so, I have just two photos. Of one tired dinosaur at the end. And one of the pumpkins we carved for our window. Photo Duty Fail.



We went to the bonfire and fireworks display at Clitheroe castle. I had asked Marcus before we went if I should pack a rug to sit on and he just chortled to himself at the very idea of a rug on the ground in November. And he was right, of course.  The ground was seriously cold and wet and very muddy so everyone stood in a great circle around the fire. I say fire, but I could say firestorm. It was a behemoth of a bonfire, by far the biggest I’ve ever seen and actually pretty terrifying. Albie loved the fireworks completely. Fred slept through the lot.



If Albie is to follow the way they do things here, he will start school next September. Next September! And you have to register your choices for school by January. Oh my gosh. My head swims at the thought. So, we have been going to local school open days and sniffing about the classrooms. Luckily, there is a nice wee school across the road from the house we are renting, that our friend’s kids have all gone to, so we will probably choose that as our first option. So yeah, school and stuff. Time flies etcetera.

In other news, Fred’s hair is growing in, and I think it might be brown right from the get-go.


And Albie continues to create wonderful scenes with his Duplo and Lego. This is a fairy park, with the clowns waiting for tractor rides. He does all their voices and everything. It’s pretty cute.

And, this photo of Fred – A VERY young Brando. Ya wanna mess wid me?


Clearly the King of Yogurt.

And our delightful Albie with his daily breakfast, hummus on toast.


How do they get so old so very fast?

xxx S.


  1. Oh dear lord…I’m having a catch up and that picky of Fred in his dinosaur suit just made me happy all the way through. Gahhhh xxxx

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