Winter: Frozen

21 December

Sunrise: 8:25am
Sunset: 3:53pm


I know it’s not Alaska, or Scandinavia, but boy is it dark and cold right about now. I must have lived this when I was a twenty something in London, but I don’t remember it being so totally and utterly complete. The days are book-ended with great tomes of black.We begin each day by turning on all the lights, eating breakfast, getting dressed, all the usual, right there in the morning night.  The day slowly seeps in a couple of hours later, sometime between 8:30 and 9am, the monochromatic sky changing, almost always, to a rather half-hearted shade of grey. AND fifty shades there are NOT. Fade out to black begins sometime after 3:30pm  and another yawn of night begins.



So the long nights of winter are as impressive here as the long days of summer. Thank goodness then for Christmas – a celebration that really does makes sense in all this cold and dark. Mulled wine, fairy lights, breath on the air and scarfs around necks. Magic. The rampant levels of consumerism I could do without, but pass me a bucket of carols sung in the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, and I am a veritable Bing Crosby. Albie was too – busting out quiet dance moves at the back of the audience. Didn’t think twerking fitted with The 12 days of Christmas? Think again folks, think again.


We popped to Edinburgh to see our dear friend Zoe. The years between have been momentous for us all and it was so delightful to see not just her, but meet her partner Gav, and their dog Jimmy in their lovely house complete with their brand new babe-of-babes, Cara Mae.



Edinburgh’s a cracker of a city, topped off with a blue sky day for our arrival. When they do happen, which is not nearly often enough, the blue sky really does restore everything the right way up.

(although, I hasten to add it was -1 when I snapped this photo at Portobello beach. Seriously, seriously cold sand. Albie still wanted to get barefoot and build sandcastles. We said no. Party poopers that we are.)


As you can tell, I’m still totally obsessed with the weather over here. It is just so gosh darn interesting. The neighbours saw me out snapping photos of the frost the other day. It was about 11am, when I took this by the way. They were like, “What were you doing?!”


Uhhh, you know, just casually taking photos of frost. As you do. I never have before, but suddenly I do.  It was stone walls that had me in their grasp when we arrived and now it is all things frozen.




Like the time I went to take Albie to Montessori and this greeted me.  The de-icer was in the car, and the doors were frozen shut. Whoops. Such an amateur.


Or the time the sun shone through the smallest sprinkling of snow.


There is a lot of beauty in this cold, dark and damp place. It is just taking some getting used to.


I can’t imagine how euphoric I will be when spring finally arrives.

Until then festive cheer and the occasional ray of winter sun are carrying us on through.

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