One year Fred

Okay so this has been sitting in the drafts for ages now so I should just post it as it is {coughs} two months late……


It is so hard to believe that one full year around the sun is done with our Frederick. It has been a epic year of change and discovery. If I am honest, it has been a hard year – not because of Fred, who is as delicious as babes could be, but because settling in Lancashire has been a mixed and constant feast.

Learning where we are, spending time with Marcus’ family, creating a home again, seeing new places, seeking and understanding new sights and sounds – it has been full. We’ve done some great things, been to some great places, and Marcus has been a great son to his Mum and his now passed, Dad. We are so glad we came.


And then, into that busy mix, we poured our wee Fred’s irreplaceable first year. Which sounds ridiculously dramatic – but it just kind of happened whilst we did what we were doing.  Maybe that is what it means to be a second child. They join the family, rather than create it.  Still – I feel a bit of sadness that it is over.  I’m not sure I paid enough attention.


Fred is the best. Such a relaxed, happy-go-lucky chap. He’s got chilled out and good humor down to an art form this one.


I think every mother thinks their child is the best thing since sliced bread. But you see, our Fred actually IS the best thing since sliced bread. I mean, for a start, Fred rhymes with bread. So, you know, there’s that.



Let’s just say that if this is the pace at which Freddy lives onward, than we are going to be in for a treat.

Happy Birthday my Freddy Pops.

You are magic.


These photos are proof of all I waffle on about there at the beginning. One hurried cupcake sans candle, blogged about two full months after the event. Sheesh.

Must. Do. Better. 


  1. An absolutely delightful account – and absolutely no need to think “must do better” – absolutely perfect as it is when it is!

  2. I remember feeling the same with number 2 and I hear it from lot’s of other Mums also. A sense of almost wanting to hold them back or somehow slow them down. I remember bursting into tears on G at one point because (apparently) “he’ll be at school next and I won’t even have got to know him yet!” (he would have been all of 18mths).

  3. I imagine that you paid more attention than you realised. Look at that happy wee man 🙂 Happy Birthday to Freddy!

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