Spring: Come get it bae


Albie isn’t blind in one eye after all! BOOM. A total result. After getting some pretty dire news from Specsavers we were referred to a child ophthalmologist at the hospital. This specialist appointment finally ticked around on Wednesday – I feel like we’ve been waiting forever! They used some dilating eyedrops so that the back of the eye could be seen properly and they could get as accurate prescription as possible. He is long-sighted, in both eyes, and one is worse than the other – but it is not as bad as we were first told. I wanted to include a photo of Albie with his new spectacles, but they are still in the works, ready next week.

He will have a couple of other appointments over the coming months to sort his eyes out as best as possible – he might yet wear a pirate patch for a while, he will get some prescription sunnies and some prescription swimming goggles too (which I reckon is pretty cool!) and that’s about it.

When we were first told that Albie was blind in one eye and pretty bad in the other, it seemed terrifically unfair. He has enough to deal with already, dang nabbit. It is a relief, that the prediction was really far worse than the actuality.


And so to the arrhythmia. Thankfully, the scary heart rhythms that he was experiencing have all but disappeared, for now. Whilst they were happening, Albie got referred to a cardiac clinic at Alder Hey in Liverpool on 8 June which we will attend anyway. It would be good to get some idea of whether they might return, or what they might mean long-term. For now though, it seems his heart is all tickety-boo again.



Bit of a tangent, but we have this tiny pond in our garden. It’s one of those fake water feature things, though the pump for the ‘waterfall’ long stopped working. Anyway, boy oh boy, is it a place for frog spring fever. Tadpoles and frogs by the scoop! The boys love it. Fred is determined to find a way under the mesh cover, though he is yet to make progress. Must. Get. In. With. The. Slime. And. Frogs. It. Looks. Soooooo. Good.

Anyway, so yeah, the arrhythmias. They do feel like the very first glancing blows in the next round with his heart. I am sure that it’ll be a while yet before he needs open heart surgery again. But this set of punches reminded us that that day will indeed happen – he will be back in the ring fighting for his life. And I can not imagine doing all of that here in the UK without our known support networks and familiar health system. It has made me hanker for a return to New Zealand a lot sooner than I ever thought I would.


All of that said, spring is slowly turning over to summer, and with it our spirits are lifting. I say slowly turning over to summer, as the mercury does battle to make it over 13 degrees on many a day, and the rain is still a-falling. But oh! I have to say the sight of the verdant green of the leaves after a winter without them, is absolutely astounding. They seem sulphuric, unnaturally green after months in their absence. And spring bulbs. And lambs. And long, long, crazy long days. Ahhhhhhh….

It almost makes the winter worth it.

Remind me of this in January, okay?




  1. I find it hard to believe that it has been a year! Wow, Fred and Albie have grown and they are beautiful! Children are such stern markers of time. If you come back sooner than expected that is all good by us.

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