Heading home


I’ve been woefully absent from this blog in recent months – due in most part because we’ve packed up all our belongings and said farewell to the United Kingdom. Our time there was briefer than we ever thought it would be, around 20 months, but just as a need to be near Marcus’ family pulled us over there, it is a need to be near my family that pulls us unexpectedly home again. It’d been hard to say goodbye, especially to Grandma, but it is equally exciting to be taking the boys home. It’s the rub of having a marriage stretch across the planet I guess.

But, as soon as we made the decision to head home, sometime in late September, other things fell into place. The timing just seemed right. I’m ready to work. Like, wanting to work – and I wasn’t sure what I would do where we were living or even if the spousal visa allowed me to do it.  And Albie, who turns five in February, will be able to start school in New Zealand with his peers. And Fred, who is just shy of turning two years old, gets a free ride on the airplane home – by sitting on my lap.  I wasn’t really sure whether Fred or I would be all that happy with this arrangement all the way home – it is such a beast of a distance, so I was pretty thankful when we sat in our seats and realised that the boys can (pretty) happily share a seat side by side. Yet another silver lining to Albie’s small size!

So yeah, we’re off. We’ve just done the first leg home – a 21 hour burner of a journey that took us from Marcus’ mum’s house in Lancashire to a beach in Malaysia. We’ve jumped 8 hours ahead and about 30 degrees up. A shock to all our systems to begin with, including the cameras!


But before I boost on with the inevitable holiday snaps, I’ve a bundle of wonderful memories from last year yet to document on here. And the OCD won’t let me be ( is it just me that raps that phrase?), with just letting them slide off onto the oblivion of the computer’s hard-drive somewhere. Hell no. So, there is only one thing for it – catch-up. We are stopping here for ten nights, a lovely hiatus in the global move, and Fred has an afternoon nap. We all need a break from the sun around then anyway I reckon, so naptime on this holiday can be blogtime. Be prepared for a bevvy of blogs over the coming days!

On a sidenote, Albie is currently playing Lego in the nude. Very cute. I really would love to show you, but my kids and nudity and the internet are three things I don’t want to mix up. I’ll show you one of his creations he’s just made though and then hit ‘post.’. It’s a ‘police ski’ Albie says, ‘so that Police can catch the baddies on the snow’ and that ‘it’s too fast to photograph.’ Somehow, I was lucky enough to catch it still :).  He is an AVID lego builder, and he gets more impressive with his freestyling by the day.



  1. I feel so happy that your on route to NZ, enjoy your time, I literally cannot believe Albie will be 5!!! I can’t wait to see (Koko will love to see Albie) you all and hear your stories – where when how is your welly world looking? Do you need anything, can we help?


  2. Hi Sarah and Marcus and Albie and Fred how exciting to know you are heading home. I hope you will find your way to Wellington so I can give you all a big or small hug. Sarah I have loved your blogs. Your writing is enchanting. All the very best for 2016. Much love Glenis xxxx

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