London: The great city


No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life;
for there is in London all that life can afford.”
— Samuel Johnson

One last visit to London.


Our friends who were planning a holiday in Greece, offered us their home in London to stay in. It was a shame we didn’t get to see them on this visit, but boy-oh-boy was it nice to have a lovely home to stretch out in. A delight. Lucky us.  Fred was pretty enamoured with Laker’s stacking toy and lawnmower.




I used to teach History and Art at a college in London. That was about 15 years ago now, but the experience was very formative for me. I went straight from studying in Wellington to the depths of a secondary classroom in England. Big for me – on all levels. Jon and Amanda,  two of my colleagues at that school, became not just fast friends but confidantes and mentors and inspirations too. I’m lucky enough to say they’ve remained life long pals. It’s been such a joy to see them both again whilst we have been over – and to introduce the boys. I wish NZ was closer to the UK for lots of reasons, and they are two of them.

We spent a lush day with Amanda and Alice at Greenwich.




And the next day, we sailed down the Thames to Teddington to have lunch at Jon and Helen’s place. The river gets so quiet and leafy down there.



Jon and Albie played Snap in the sunshine and we enjoyed a fabulous lunch together.


And then the next day – the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. Heaven. Again.


And then, the Science Museum – which has the best hands-on section for kids I have come across so far. A tower of magnets and Fred. That was him for a good hour.


We visited Covent Garden too as a French artist, Charles Pétillon, had installed over 100,000 white balloons in the atrium.



As wondrous as it was magical.


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  1. Really lovely to see your visit to London and hear your sadness at leaving such a winder place and friends. Look forward to seeing back in New Zealand soon. Best wishes. Jo Brendan Alex Nick Ruby. Xox

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