Family update: Here we are.

So after a years absence from this blog, I landed full volume with that last post, didn’t I? Yeah, sorry about that. I was feeling all the feels last night, for sure.

This morning, I couldn’t have written such angst at all. This morning, I dropped Albie to school, bright and happy, on the 5th anniversary of his heart operation. The winter sun is shining here today. Nothing but gratitude.

To mark the first day of Family Week, Albie chose what we’ll have for dinner tonight. His choice? Spaghetti and Meatballs. Not sure where that came from, as we eat vegetarian for our family meals, but the mince of hundred cows awaits me in the fridge nonetheless. The things we do for love. 🙂

And this morning, I also feel like I should reassure you, that generally and thankfully, we are all absolutely marvellous.   Let me tell you.

We bought a blue house on a green hill, in the beach-side locale that we were mad for. It’s a sunny place in a leafy garden which was complete with chickens, and surprisingly, a Finnish sauna. Sold. We’re now just a block from my brother and his family, (we can see their roof from our place), and two blocks from the sea. My feet have grown welcome roots, after three years in limbo, and I’m loving the feeling of knowing we are home. We’ll be here to find for quite some time.

That’s a photo up there of Marcus’ mum, Lorna out on on the deck. She came out from England and stayed with us for a few months at the beginning of the year. We all just loved having here with us, and the spare room is still referred to, by all of us, as ‘Grandma’s room.’

Lorna did experience a really rather abysmal summer of weather though, so we are hoping she’ll be out again soon for another go at it. We’ve kept the South Island aside, especially, as a way to coax her back out. Amazing sights to be seen yet Lorna! Mountains! Lakes! Grandsons! Come back! Come back! Come back! 🙂

Albie is six and a half and in his second year at school. He’s marvellous – eager, curious, gentle, funny and full of empathy.  He’s most interested in Lego(still), prehistoric man, space, electrical circuits, his own music playlist, doing dances to said music playlist and infinite numbers. He asks curly questions like, ‘Going back from zero, what’s the very first number?’ and ‘If we were apes than why aren’t the apes still becoming humans?’ and other such questions which make me wish I had a Science major rather than an Arts one. He wants to make an engine and collects pieces for it in a jar and in his ever-dirty pockets. He’s learning to swim, learning the drums and a bonafide member of Sea Scouts.

His heart repair is doing really, really well. The conduit, (which replaced Albie’s pulmonary valve and artery), is still holding up. It’s lasted for as long as they wanted it to, and will last even longer yet.  That said, as well as he is, more open heart surgery is still inevitable simply because it isn’t growing with him and the pressure of blood flow through the conduit will get too high. The pressures have started to increase and his valve is regurgitating a touch and the whole repair is leaking a bit. Long story short – he will need open heart surgery again – but we don’t know when. So the future operation sits fairly languidly out there on our family’s horizon. It’s there, but it’s not ever present in our thoughts by any stretch of the imagination. I do wonder if  knowing that he’ll have to go back and do it all again is perhaps one of the reasons why it is so hard to make peace with what happened last time. And I can’t quite figure out the best way to guide him through such choppy waters when the day does arrive. It’s so much for a boy to go through.

Fred is now three and a half wonderful years old. He’s an incredible wee character and it’s a bit delicious witnessing him grow up.  Fred’s happy, determined, curious, affectionate – and has lots of opinions (generally voiced very loudly) about what to do next.  Fred’s a bit of a chameleon, so I find it hard to say he’s this or he’s that. He’s soft and strong and loud and quiet. Often  a performer, he has us in giggles every day. But other times, he is also incredibly thoughtful – just last night, he put love ’emails’ (pieces of paper he’d cut into small strips) on all of our pillows completely of his own volition.  He is awesome, that is for sure.

At the moment, Fred is just lego, lego, lego,lego, lego, lego, lego.  His favourite book by a country mile is The Tiger who came to tea, which I still enjoy reading to him, so quodos to that author for making that happen. He adores Albie, and manhandles him as much as Albie can stand. Albie is an endlessly patient older brother, and together they are (generally) fast friends.

Marcus, has started as Deputy Principal at the local primary school. This is totally great for our own lifestyle balance, as Marcus isn’t commuting anymore, and it is also great for the school. There’s plenty to do there, and Marcus will be excellent at it. It feels wonderful to see him contribute so directly to the community that we are becoming a part of. And I just adore the future vision I have of Fred, Albie and Marcus all trotting off to school together.

He continues to be  an amazing person to share this life with, and I thank my past-self for doing so very well. Good work me. I certainly love him much more now than the day we married and that’s one beautiful thing.

And me? Well, work-wise, I’ve been doing some consulting work with an education organisation in the city. It’s contract based, and decidedly part-time, but the work itself has been really interesting and rewarding. It comes in fits and starts, and so in between, when the kids are at kindy and school, I’m lapping up opportunities to garden our garden, and sometimes run (I know! Ridiculous!). I’m really becoming committed to living life with peace and gratitude, conscious that all of these blessings we have right now are completely and utterly temporary. As everything is. It all passes.

And with that, I need to step to and make some meatballs in recognition of this auspicious day. Hehehe.

May this update from our home, find you and yours in peace and love too.


  1. I just realised how much I’ve missed your blogs. So lovely to hear how well you are all doing. What handsome boys you have and what amazing parents they have. I hope to see your blue house someday. Helen xxxx

    • Yes please – we hope you get to see it too!! When we think of those days, we think of all the arms wrapped around us, and yours were so there. We’ll forever remember that love from you. xxx

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